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A website for Cakewalk, Audigy, SBLive, SoundFonts and computer music users

Welcome to the glowgeorge website. This site is designed to help people get more from their music with tutorials, help files and links


4th Nov 2005
This site will not be being updated. Please use the 'Links' and
'Help Files' to gain the information you require.....
and good luck with your music!


Free SoundFonts Downloads.


The MP3 section includes glowgeorge tracks recorded with Cakewalk,
SoundFonts and the SBLive Value.

The glowgeorge MP3 tracks are now available for download via the IUMA website.


There is a downloadable Vienna PDF tutorial and links
to other good Vienna and Cakewalk help files. Plus quick help files
and a FAQ regarding music related problems.


There are music related sites in the Links section
which are worth checking out including free DirectX
software, SoundFonts downloads and useful help pages.


Thanks to everyone who has e-mailed about the glowgeorge MP3
and music sections, it has been very much appreciated.

Sorry, but I will not be answering e-mail questions anymore.